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HK Army Exo Loader Case Overview

HK Army Exo Loader Case Overview

Hey, everyone. John here with Pro Edge Paintball. Today, I have the brand new HK Army Exo loader case. This thing is sick. Loader case is not an original idea, of course, but I like their new design of it. I like the Sleek design. It seems to be a little bit bigger, so it should be able to handle pretty much a few more loaders than maybe the exalt one wasn't able to or maybe can hold inside more of what you need to take to the field. But, I do like the Sleek design, little rocket ship shape there. Of course, it does come with your carabiner. So, that way, if you need to hang it up on your backpack when you're at the field or you're at a tournament or anything like that and you want to pack it in your bag, it's pretty nice. Of course, it has there heavy duty zippers. I do like these a lot. We've never had an issue at the store. They look clean. And so it opens up like an alligator.

Kind of cool.

And let's see. I haven't put any loaders inside, but this is the new Spire 4. Of course, it's going to sit right inside there. It's got a little pocket inside that the feed necks that's inside.

Yeah, no problem.

Hold it, of course.

So, if you're picking up one of the new Spire 4 from us online, it definitely will hold the Spire 4. I'll throw the dye loader in here in a second too. But to show you the inside of it, it's got a removable floor, basically. I don't know how I feel about this because it doesn't Velcro in place, which realistically, it doesn't have to, I guess, but it just presses in place. And so it's nice. So, your loader is going to be on top of this anyways. So, you really don't need it to stay in place. But, I can see how it's going to fall out maybe, get in the mud. That could be frustrating. But, it does have a small pocket. So if you want to take an extra lid, anything like that, that piece goes in there. Your lid batteries, throw anything like that inside of it. Small little zipper. It's got a small place for, of course, I'll show you here, small place for extra batteries. Most, I think, loaders nowadays take a AAA or then you can do the in-charge on some of the virtual loaders and die loaders, so you don't need a battery pack anyway.

But, it works perfect there. Of course, the feed neck of the loader fits right here inside of it. So, pretty straightforward. It's definitely heavy duty. So, if you're worried about protecting your loader, this is definitely going to do the job. Let's check this out here.

Oh, yeah. So, you can see right there. Closes up plenty of room. You can feel that it does press against the top of the loader, which is nice. That means the loader is not going to just shake around inside of there. Of course, the zippers are really nice and just hang it like that. I like it a lot. Of course, HK has been killing it with the cases lately. We do carry them on our website, proedgepb.com. Also, if you're liking our videos lately or if you like what you see, make sure you take a second to go like our video down there at the bottom. If you like review videos and our weekly tech videos, make sure you go down there and subscribe to our channel. We're really trying to grow that channel.

So, if you guys have any questions about the case, we do have these online at proedgepb.com. Just search to the top EXO Case or Loader case. We have it in there.

So, other than that, I'm excited about it. Everybody that's got one so far seems to be happy with it. Like I said, the zippers are very durable. The case is very firm. It's not going to get crushed super easily. I like the design of it. It's almost harder to crush because it's the round shape there. But you have to fit in your bag fine or hang right on the back of it. Again, you want to pick up the HK Army EXO loader case? Check out proedgepb.com. Otherwise, thank you guys for watching.

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