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HK Army Beginner Tank Review HPA 48 3000 psi

Hey, guys. John here with Pro Edge Paintball. I am back today and have the new Colored HK 48 3,000 aluminum bottles. 

So, HK has been doing a really good job of releasing a ton of new products. And of course, their style has always been really good. They've been around for probably 20 years growing up through the sports, they've always had a good sense of style, and I think that's really what set them aside from some of the other brands. So, even down to your entry level, let's say, beginner type player aluminum bottle, this is your compressed air bottle that's going to be a little bit heavier than your carbon fiber bottles, but of course, at a fraction of the price. We are missing one color today, but they have a really cool looking silver gray color tank. So, we should have those back in anytime. We do carry all of these, of course, on our website, proedgepb.com. But we just want to cover today, show you the different colors. Of course, you have your red, your blue, your olive or your green, and your solid black. The regulator on this bottle, I like a lot. A lot of your entry-level bottles you can't rebuild.

They're not easily serviceable. This has mostly standard o-wings on the inside of it. So if you're a newer player, all that means is that you can go to a local field or a local store if they'd like to work on the equipment, and they should be able to rebuild the inside of it and service the inside if you have problems. So, that's a huge benefit to me because you're going to have this bottle for a while. Most players play six months to a year with their entry-level bottle and then they upgrade. So, you always want to keep it as a backup, but it's going to do everything you need it to. So, if you're shooting like a mini or a blitz or even an entry-level tip and gun and you want to go with compressed there, this bottle here is going to be a great option for you to go with. These are a little bit heavier. So, what's nice about that is that most of the weight is going to be on your shoulder when you're holding it. But unless you're just carrying your gun around all day long, really not going to notice the weight too much.

But, if you're a smaller person, you may want to consider to go with a carbon fiber bottle instead of the heavier aluminum bottles, but it does increase your price. One of the things to point out is the gauge. I do like it's an all black gauge, easy to read, easy to see how much pressure you have in there. These are 3,000 PSI bottles. What that means is that the bottle is going to hold up to 3,000 PSI. One question we get a lot is, well, my gauge says five on it, you guys didn't fill it up all the way. So, I just want to make sure I let you guys know if you're in the market for a new compressed air tank and you're used to using CO2, it doesn't have the gauge, most gauges go up to five. That's just a show. It's just a general basic gauge that goes on all bottles. But the bottle only fills up to 3,000. So if you go to your local field or local store and they only fill up to three, that's perfectly fine. You want to go based off the number that's on the bottle here.

Like I said, we do have these on our website. If you guys have any questions, make sure you stop by Proedgepaintball.com or you can comment below. If you don't mind, take a second to like this video if you found it helpful. And of course, we are doing weekly videos. So, if you want to subscribe to our channel, that'd be awesome too. Other than that, I think we pretty much covered everything. If you guys have any questions, comment below. Otherwise, thank you for watching and we'll see you next time.

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