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Dye LTR Review - Best Hopper around $100?

Hi, everyone. John here at Pro Edge Paintball. I'm back with another weekly video. Today I've got the dye LTR. The dye rotor or the dye LTR rotor has been around absolutely forever from its original form. This is a newer version of it. And so if you're in the market, if you're shopping for a new paintball hopper, let's say around 100 bucks. We're going to talk about the LTR today. Just give you a quick rundown on what you get. Here's your box, clear window. All the fancy stuff on the back of it comes with your warranty card inside. Let's go and open this up real quick. Warranty card, good to go. But if you buy this from Pro Edge Paintball, you don't need to fill this out. You bring it back to us. We take care of you. You don't have to worry about shipping it back, all that good stuff. Super nice manual, explains everything inside of it that you would need to know, batteries, how to take it apart, how to clean it, all that good stuff. Let's see if they're still doing...

Oh, yeah, you get your die sticker. That's what I was looking for. Good to go.
Okay, so dye sticker, manual, warranty card, all of that stuff.

All right, set that aside. All right, right now the current colors, you're going to have your black with red like that. You've got your black with blue. Both very vibrant colors. I really like dye has always done a good job of making stuff look good. The main difference between this loader and the other one, the original loader, the other one used to have a metal badge on the side of it. There's a few other differences as well, but mainly with a different button on the back and then a different badge. This is definitely less expensive for them to make, but super nice. Cool to go. Red. You've got the green, lime green. This is the newest color, I believe. We just got these in not too long ago. This is a DIECAM. I haven't really seen many people post about this, but you've got your DIECAM loader and these hold up a little under 200. I'm trying to think. Let me see what their box actually says. When we had it before, I don't think it actually was a full 200 capacity. But most of your hoppers or most of your pods are 140 rounds, 100, 140 rounds.
This is going to hold plenty. You're good to go. Last but not least, you have your solid black. Just to give you a quick rundown about it. Again, if you're looking for an entry level loader, maybe if you're really hard on your gear, you might want to consider the die roter, die LTR. This loader is one of the most durable hoppers of all time. If you're doing some research, go ahead and go to YouTube and search die roter durability test. The original loader, like 12 years ago, 10 plus years ago, they take a torch to it, they throw it underwater, all that good stuff, they drop it off a ladder, almost identical loader as this one. Few changes again, but still extremely durable, insane. Give you a quick rundown. Of course, you have your lid up top. It's very nice spring-loaded, snaps, very simple. Some hoppers are very hard to open. What's nice, this is hard enough that you're going to have to physically bump it to accidentally spill your paint balls at the paint ball field. That's really nice.

All right, you got one button on, one button off. If there are batteries in here, it'd be on, it'd be off.
Excuse me.

No settings, no crazy adjustments, nothing fancy, very simple to understand. You're ready to play paintball? Turn it on. The light turns on. You're done. Turn it off. Good to go. It has a little shark fin on the bottom here. It has a shark fin here on the bottom for your anti-jamp. You're able to pull this back and forth. We'll actually turn pieces inside. I'll show you here in a second that help it unjamp. The feed neck on these, some loaders these days are still breaking at the feed neck because of the type of plastic they are. This is more of a rubber, I don't know the official term for it, but more of a rubber type plastic. It's not going to just shatter like Cheap Plastic does. It's more flexible.

All right, to take it apart, take it out there, you want to push this little tab, get your nail underneath there, and push that tab up. This is a locking tab. This helps keep the loader from just falling apart. You're going to press this button here and your loader comes apart. If you're an old school player, you've been playing for a long time and you still got an old halo, or if you're new, the halo is still around, you notice to clean the halo, you have like 8-10 screws.
It does take you a little bit longer. If you're looking to upgrade, definitely look for a tool-like style hop or something like this. You can see how easy that is.

All right, so inside, hopefully you can see this, I'm going to pull the anti jam piece here. You can see how it moves the internal piece. And so this, as you're playing, if the ball is jammed inside there, you can jiggle back and forth and it moves the paint around and hopefully allows not to have jammed up anymore.

The next step here is you're going to press the front tab there and the whole tray comes out. This is a spring loaded tray. This has been around absolutely forever. The Spire IR, Spire 4, you can buy this extra, but this does come standard with the LTR loader. You don't have to pay an extra $10, $15 for that. It's already installed. You don't have to mess with any of that stuff. Good to go. Then inside of here, it does take three batteries.We did a test on this years ago to see how efficient this was. Even as the batteries were dying, it would still feed just not feed as fast. We didn't have any problems other than that. We're talking, I mean, a lot of shots, tens of thousands of shots. I think we estimated if you shot a case of paint or two cases of paint for a month, you could go six months without replacing your batteries. Don't quote me on that. It's been a few years, but it's a very efficient battery or very efficient hopper system. The way it works is simple and so makes it more efficient on the batteries. If you really want to clean it, obviously, you see the tray inside of here. You've got Velcro on your batteries. That way it doesn't fall out. AAA batteries, so the least expensive type of battery. You're just going to push these two tabs to the side. This top piece comes out. This next piece comes out, the floor and the gears. Then you take this and you're good to go. As you can tell, very simple.
I have done this quite a bit, so I'm pretty good at this. If you do decide to get this loader, just revert back to this video if you need to clean it or whatnot, this will show you how to do it. Of course, you've got the last one, at least the little button, little clear button that goes on the front here. Pretty straightforward. This is an awesome loader, very easy to clean.

Again, the shell is extremely durable. I'm going to show you that real quick. If you're in a hurry, once you get good at putting this back together, you can see how fast it is. Let's say between games, you want to clean it up, you can put it together very, very fast. Good to go. What I was saying earlier about the flexibility of the plastic, look at this. You can physically flex it without it breaking. You can drop this, you can beat it up. It's not just going to break very easy at all. The lids, of course, are a different type of plastic. I've seen these if you get shot real close up, you've seen these break. But if you don't want a lid, also die, HK Army, they all make a speed feed or a quick feed that goes inside of here that replaces the lid.
All you do is you take these five screws here, you pull those out, and you can replace the lid and put a speed feed. If you're not sure what a speed feed is, you basically replace the lid so you can just dump paint in and it doesn't come back out. It's pretty straightforward. The feed rate on this hopper is probably I think it is the fastest currently available in 2021. We like to shoot the die R2, which is the higher in loader version of this, or the LTR for a lot of our shooting videos because we can get a very high rate of fire. The Spire IR is pretty good, or IR-2 is good for about 10, let's say, 12 to 15 balls a second pretty consistently. Same for the spire 4, maybe a little bit faster. But this one here, we've never had an issue with this feeding as fast as we want the gun to shoot. Pretty much as fast as the gun can shoot, the die rotors can do that, so no problem at all. Put this back together here, push that piece there and locks together. Good to go. With that in mind, the loader is a little bit heavier and I mean a very small amount because of the type of material, it's a little bit better quality.

Of course, it's going to be a little bit heavier, but you also get the durability out of it. Trying to think anything I missed on that one. Like I said, you can change the lid speed feeds. There's not a lot to do with this. The parts are pretty inexpensive. If you're going to have this for the next 3-5 years and you want to replace parts that wear out, pretty inexpensive to go ahead and replace those. I think it's definitely a great investment. The hopper runs for about $100, depending on if they're doing a sale or depending on if they raise the price or goes up or down, but around $100 for this type of hopper. I think this is one of the most durable best hoppers that's pretty much ever been made. You can't go wrong. If you're rough on your stuff, like you said, or you shoot really fast. If you play at a paintball field that lets you shoot full auto, the die LTR. Hands down, fastest hopper you want to go with. It's going to be durable too in the woods. You're running around getting roughed up. Definitely check out the LTR.

If I missed anything, guys, make sure to comment below. If you have specific questions about the LTI that I didn't cover, go and comment below. I can definitely, my name is John. I own Pro Edge Paintball. I answer all of the questions on the YouTube and I'll definitely answer your question on that one.

So, other than that, I think I pretty much covered everything. I know I went fast on that one, but if you have any questions, comment below. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We are trying to hit 5,000 subscribers here in 2021, and I think we're a little over 4,000, 4,030 right now. Any help we can get from you guys and girls, friends, family, all that, or sharing our video on social media and the paintball talk pages, all that good stuff. If you like our video, just take a second, like our video, give us a shout out below. Say, hey, thanks for the video, found it useful or hey, you suck. Thanks for the video anyways. Any comment helps YouTube say, Hey, look, our people like what we're doing, they're being active on there and helps our video show up to other players like yourself that may be looking to buy a new Hopper for around a $100. Like, I said thank you so much for watching this video up to this point. Please comment below. Please like. Please subscribe. And again make sure you share our stuff. So, thank you. We will see you guys next week. And yeah, thanks a lot.

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