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Best Paintball Pod Pack and Harness Size - How to Choose


Hey, guys. John here with Pro Edge Paintball and professional paintball team L. A. Ironman. Today, I'm going to go over one of the most popular questions that I get asked, and that is, what size pack should a player wear? If you're a newer player, this is definitely video or this video is definitely more catered towards you, or if you are considering getting to tournaments and playing a little more competitive and you're upgrading your gear. The question is, to be a little more clear if you're a newer player, is what size harness, which size paintball pack should you wear? This is an example of a paintball pack.

This is the dye, jet pack. And of course, this is a 140 round paintball pod. And so the question is, what size should I wear? And that doesn't mean like waist size. What that means is how many pods should I carry onto the paintball field? And what size pack should I go with in order to carry that much? So, if you're newer to playing competitively, at the end of this, I'll give you a pretty black and white answer. But, as far as if you're already playing a little bit as far as just paintball goes, you have an idea of how many paintballs per game you shoot. And typically if you can see the field behind me, I'm out here at TXR paintball here in Cyprus, Texas.


If you're playing a little bit, you already have an idea of how much paint you shoot per game. And a lot of the recreational games, you'll play one game on the left side, one game on the right side, and then you go back in. So, if you start paying attention over the next couple of weeks or next couple of months of how much paint you shoot as you go out, that'll give you a pretty good idea on the low side of how many paint balls and how many pods you should carry once you start getting a little more into tournaments. But, as far as tournament play goes, you typically are going to shoot more paint balls in a competitive atmosphere than you would at a recreational playing recreationally or wreck ball against other newer players. And the reason why that is is when you start playing competitively, you start learning the techniques of the more advanced players, why they shoot so many paintballs. It's not that they're really bad and they're just shooting a ton of paint down the field.


Product Details and Pricing

They're using that extra volume of paint in order to control the players against them. For example, I'm considered like a back player. And so what that means is my job is to communicate and to lay paint down the field in order to control the other players from just openly moving down the field. So, my job is to shoot at them a lot and shoot more paint balls down the field. So, the size pack that I wear, and like I said, this is the dye jet pack. Let's see this here. It's got the elastic on the front out there. And so it's all flexible, so you can put it on and pull it pretty tight. This is a four pack or a four, I believe it's four plus seven. Let's see here. So, the reason why this is four main compartments here, and then you have one on the end, it's an elastic loop here. One in the center or three in the center. One more. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So, it's actually a four plus five pack. Some of these packs will have two elastic slots on the end of it on each side. So, you have two, three, four, five, six, seven to be a four plus seven


So, this is a four pack. I would recommend if you're not a smaller person, and you're going to play competitively, if you're let's just say an average size person, I would go with the four pack no matter what. The reason for that is you can always carry extra paint balls going out. But, if your pack is too small, you can't just randomly throw extra paint balls in there and extra pots. So, instead of buying a three pack, what that means is we just have three of the main compartments and then a couple here between. I would recommend to purchase a full four pack, a four plus five or four plus seven pack. Go with a good brand. A dye definitely I've been wearing this one for about a month now, about three or four weeks, and I like it a lot. It holds up, I'm about a size 36 waist and it fits me. Some of the other brands are made for a little bit smaller players. I would definitely recommend if you're an adult or you're a larger person and you have, let's say, a 34 or 36 to about a 44 waist, I don't know the maximum is I would definitely recommend check out the dye jet pack. They fit you. It's good.

Like I said, some of the other packs run a little slim, a little smaller. This pack has elastic on the front of it there. That way whenever you put it on, you can actually take this additional elastic and stretch it out. That way, it really pulls the pack tight on you and it doesn't bounce around. Now, if you go to our paintball store, Pro Edge Paintball or proedgepb.com, if you're looking to shop and you're not local to our store, we can definitely show you how to try this on and how to put this on so you're putting it on correctly. Once you load up a full pack like this, let's say you're holding a full nine, 10 pod, something like that, that's almost equal to a case of paint, like a 2,000 round box of paint. And a paint weighs about 15 pounds. So, imagine just like a 15 pound weight dumbbell hanging on the back of your back when you're running around. You don't want it to bounce around. You don't want it to rattle or anything like any loose like that.

So, just to show you real quick, like I said, of course, these hold into the main compartment is pretty easy, but we get a lot of questions about what is this little thing here? The purpose of that is you can put this, I actually like them on the side. I'll show you the ones on the side. Basically, it would be the four full or main compartments and then the two on the ends of what I carry the most of. You put the pot in here. I like to do it down. It would be sitting in my pack like that. Then this little loop here goes around the lid like that. That way when you pull it tight, you're good to go. Some of these strapless packs that are out there, if you notice, if you ever played with them, you accidentally opened the pod. This is very similar to a strapless pack. What's nice about this is now if you hit it, it doesn't fall out. You don't lose your paint balls. But, when you need to use it, it comes off pretty quick. You just pop it off, dump it and dump it in your loader and you're good to go. Again, if you're going to go back and play recreational with this pack, just load up your four main compartments here. Pretty straightforward. If it's hot out there, you can throw a water bottle on the ends here and take that out to the field too. So, it's pretty nice.

But this, like I said, this is a 4+5 dye jet pack. I would definitely recommend picking one of these up. Again, if you're an adult, little bit larger. Of course, they will tighten up. So, if you're a smaller player, you can definitely go with one of these. But if you're a younger player or a real tiny player, this one you may have to tighten up quite a bit to get this one to fit you. I hope that helps someone to answer your question on this. I do gesture I ask this question a lot like, what's the difference? Why go with one or the other one? I would just say a safe bet. If you're really not sure where you're going to be at in a year as far as playing competitively or whatnot and you do shoot more than let's say 200 to 300 paintballs per game when you go out occasionally, I would definitely recommend the four pack and the four plus five, four plus seven, something like that. Check it out.


If you guys have any questions, make sure you comment below. I answer all the questions on there, all the comments. If you guys have any questions about this pack or any other paintball products, of course, at all, make sure to hit me up. Comments are there too. As always, thank you so much for watching our video. Don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We do weekly videos. Thanks so much, guys.

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