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HK Army XV One Piece Barrel - Autococker - Dust Silver

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Product Overview

This barrel will give you a quieter shooting paintball gun while increasing your accuracy. In addition to matching the look to your color and style, this barrel will increase your overall experience and performance. 

Crafted with accuracy and style in mind, the XV Barrel delivers unrivaled performance. The precision barrel bore-honing used in the development of the XV allows for improved diameter uniformity and a smooth interior finish. This attention to surface detail will deliver you the ball-on-ball accuracy you are looking for in a high-end barrel. 

** Paintball Marker NOT Included.


  • .685 Bore Size (Most common size to upgrade to)
  • Made for All Azodin, All Empire and All Dye to name a few top brands. 
  • Highest Quality Aluminum 1 Piece Barrel 
  • 15" Total Length 
  • Milled Bore Size Numbers On Back Of Barrel
  • Precision Honed Complete Barrel
  • Weighs 116.5 grams
  • Autococker Threading

Customer Reviews

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Bought this for my sabr and it works great