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Powerhouse Regulator Haymkr 500 - Gold Polished

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Looking For a Custom Output Pressure? 

Leave a comment during checkout and we will set your output pressure between 400 and 800 psi. 
UPDATE 5/29/2020- The new Gen III regulators are different than in this video. Powerhouse makes rolling changes to better performance without labeling it a new generation regulator. Current Gen III regulators will include a Silver fill nipple and a Green piston with a rubber regulator end of the piston

Gen III Regulator Overview

Setting & Rotating the Gen III Reg

Powerhouse Gen 3 Regulator - Haymkr 500

    • Dual Flat burst discs for added safety
    • Fully serviceable internals
    • 500psi Output Pressure - Factory Set
    • Stainless Steel Cartridge
    • Dual Oring
    • Woven Piston Spring
    • Direct To Tank Fill Passage

Haymkr 500 Schematics

John Jackson
Professional Player of ac: Dallas
Owner of Pro Edge Paintball

"The Powerhouse paintball regulators have been rock solid during our 2018 season. The parts have lasted longer and have been incredibly more dependable than other paintball regulators. In the 21 years of paintball I have played I have used some amazing products and some terrible products, the Powerhouse reg just... works... consistently and I really enjoy the people at Powerhouse. "

About the Gen III Regulator
The new Powerhouse Haymkr has been redesigned and revamped. The internal design offers a Stainless Steel insert that the newly designed piston rides within.
The Stainless Steel material is more resistant to temperature changes giving the regulator a more consistent and reliable air flow.

The Gen III comes set between 500 psi and is internally adjustable from 400 psi to 850psi.

The Haymkr has dedicated setscrew pockets to prevent galling and slipping in your guns ASA threads.
Low Profile Burst Disk for a smooth clean look and helps prevent jabbing into your wrist during game play.
Rotational Cartridge for positive locking of setscrews for rotation setting.

Gen III Regulator Internals

Powerhouse Gen III Regulator 

Powerhouse Gen III Adjustable Insert

Powerhouse Regulator 

Powerhouse Haymkr 500 Internals

Powerhouse Regulator

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jude L.
My go-to regulator!!

My Powerhouse Haymakr reg was delivered quickly and is just plain AWESOME!! Love the solid build quality…the stainless steel threads make for a sure twist-in to your ASA every time…and the reliability is unsurpassed. Bonnet is fully adjustable so you can set the gauge to where you want it. Well worth the cost, will probably get at least one more for my gear bag. Thanks ProEdge Paintball!!

Joel Hernandez

Powerhouse Regulator Haymkr 500 - Gold Polished

TRavis Thompson
Powerhouse reg

What an amazing reg. I live in San Antonio so the shipping was super fast and easy. I won’t go go anyone else. Thank you pro edge for everything

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