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Virtue Spire IV has been announced and is the latest release from Virtue. The Virtue Spire 4 brings technology and design into our sport that hasn’t been used this seem-less before.  The Spire IV is the most advanced electronic paintball loader of the sport of paintball. This Spire loader provides the tried and tested durability and performance that you have come to expect from the Spire but now with the redesigned electronics and feed sensing design, we will see faster rates of fire, a more consistent feed rate and once synced to the Ace Virtue boards you will see an incredible user experience that brings the hopper and marker together better than ever. 



One of our biggest questions was what if I turn my gun off after syncing the Spire IV with the Ace Luxe? Will my loader and gun stay synced? The answer is yes! Of course Virtue thought of this when they designed it so no worries. Turn your gun off between points or recreational games and when you’re ready just turn them back on and it will sync back up. 

Shop the Spire IV Speed Feeds

Spire IV accessories and upgrades are already available. The current Crown SF that fits the Spire IR and the discontinued Spire III hopper will also fit the new Spire IV. This is a good news because if you already own a Crown Speed feed for the most recent Spires then it will also work on the newest Spire hopper. 



  • iFi board compatible for future board upgrades
  • Increased feed rate when used with iFi markers
  • Compatible with non iFi upgraded markers
  • Multiple feed logic for any situation
  • n Charge battery pack drop in compatible 
  • Hinged shell design for easy cleaning access
  • Magnetic drive cone for simple maintenance
  • Quick release Crown Speed Feed
  • Smart phone enables App for adjusting settings
  • Spring Ramp comes standard


Virtue iFi Connection

- The all new iFi technology connection feature allows your Spire IV hopper to sync up with the Virtue Ace board. The iFi allows the loader to use the eye sensors inside the breach of the paintball gun to know when to spin to load paint into the gun and when to stop spinning. This new feature allows a quicker reaction time of nearly any loader on the market which will help increase the max rate of fire you're able to achieve with any Virtue Ace upgraded guns. 

Spire Feed Logic

- No matter which paintball gun you’re putting the Spire IV on the software of the new Spire can handle it. With multiple modes ready to go the new Spire can either hook up to the Virtue Ace board or run independently of the gun and use its own sound and vibration sensor to know when to start spinning while using resistance to know when to stop feeding. The multiple logic feed designs give you the best performance from the best loader no matter the situation. 

Spire IV Battery Upgrade

- If you want to save money on batteries the Virtue n Charge battery pack will help you achieve that. The latest Spire loader comes ready to install the rechargeable battery back available as a Virtue Spire upgrade for most of their hoppers. The n Charge offers the ability to instantly see how much battery you have to know if you’re running low and need to charge your battery each night before you’re going to go play. 

Spire 4 Hinged Shell

- The hinged Shell was first featured on the Spire III and is being carried over to the Spire 4. The hinged shell hinges from the front of the nose of the shell. This allows the back of the shell to open at almost a 90 degree angle making the loader incredibly easy to clean and service quickly even during the middle of a game if needed. 

Magnetic Spire Drive Cone

 -The magnetic drive done is a very simple but useful feature that we love about the Spire III and the Spire IV. Everyone knows that you must clean your loader often but for most this is a pain and can take longer than it should especially between games. The magnetic drive done takes a half second to pull up and out allowing you to clean the entire path of where the paintballs travel which is the most important part to clean on the whole loader. 

Quick Release Spire Lid

- On the Spire IR and the Spire III the Crown speed feed was the easiest of all speed feeds to add and remove. The Spire IV is no different! With the press of one small button like clip, the Spire lid will un click from the hopper and you can attach a Crown speed feed in seconds. This feature allows you to switch back and forth quickly in case the playng conditions suddenly turn for the worst and you need to reinstall your lid to play paintball in the rain or snow. 

Virtue App

-The Virtue Spire IV hopper has the ability to use the Virtue app to connect to most smart phones. The app gives you the ability to adjust the force in which your loader feeds, the ability to turn the sounds on and off along with the ability to turn the g shock sensitivity up or down. Sometimes high end markers don’t make much noise or have much recoil and you may need to turn the sensor of the loader up to help the Spire sense each shot. This is easily done through the new updated Virtue app. 

Virtue Spire Spring Ramp

- The Virtue spring ramp feature is the feature of a spring powered floor that goes inside of your Spire hoppers. When you fill the hopper completely, the spring allows this floor type ramp to go flat, not taking up any room and allowing you to get the most capacity out of your hopper. As you shoot and get closer to the end of your hopper full of paint, this spring powered ramp begins to rise, making any paintballs that might be stuck near the front of your hopper roll to awards the drive cone system of your Spire. This feature allows you to easily shoot every paintball in your loader without having to shake or guess if alll if all of the paintballs have been shot. In the Spire IR 2 the ramp is purchased as an upgrade but in the new Virtue Spire 4 this is an upgraded that comes standard with every new hopper. 

Spire IV Enhancements

What's new on the Spire IV? The main differences are in the electronics and feeding logic. The Spire IV has been upgraded to work with the Virtue Ace wireless iFI platform. This new feeding technology allows for a tight integration between the loader and the gun and also maintains backwards compatibility on guns without iFI technology using the new Proactive Feeding logic pioneered on the CTRL loader. 

Spire IV iFI Wireless Technology 

When the Spire IV is paired with the Virtue Ace, the loader maintains instant communication with the marker's eyes which allows for significant improvements as both the gun and the loader are now synced together for faster and more consistent feeding, stopping and idle performance. And if the gun's eyes are turned off, dirty or if the Spire IV is used on a different gun, the Spire IV automatically transitions to the new proactive feeding mode, which will automatically feed with every shot until the stack is full.

Spire IV Upgraded Cosmetics

To help differentiate the Spire IV and give this latest model of the Spire family a new look, we've upgraded the color ring around the side with a more aggressive racing stripe that's also injected in stronger, more reliable glass filled nylon. Additionally, the side badges now feature injected Virtue logos, rather than a sticker badge.

Spire IV Toolless N-Charge

Near the end of the Spire III production, we upgraded the circuit board to allow for plug-n-play tool less installation of the N-Charge battery pack to make the transition to the Spire IV. All Spire IVs come with the electronics designed to install the Virtue N-Charge without the use of any tools.