Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun

Learn About the Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus paintball marker is a fabulous gun for players just starting out in paintball. The gun is made by Tippmann so you know it has that same Tippmann reliability that you have come to expect from all of their guns.


Tippmann Reliability and Function

The Cronus is nigh on indestructible, it can take a beating and just keep going like nothing happened at all. There is a reason that even paintball fields will use the Cronus as their rental equipment because they know it will just work. Not needing a lot of regular maintenance this gun is ideal for the beginning player or someone who just does not like working on their paintball gun all the time. All you need to do for routine maintenance is drop a couple of drops of oil, some is included when you purchase the gun in the included parts kit, into where you screw the tank in, fire it a couple of times and you are off to the races, or paintball field in this case. The inline hammer and valve design allow for the Tippmann Cronus to be a low profile marker and be lightweight as well, who wants to lug around a heavy paintball gun on the field right? The Tippmann Cronus can run just fine on CO2 or Compressed air, getting around 800 shots from a 20 ounce CO2 tank or almost 700 from a Tippmann 48ci 3000 psi compressed air tank.


The Cronus Style

The gun comes in two colors for the 68 caliber version, a nice tan or olive. It comes in a Dark Earth color for the 50 caliber version.  The body is covered in durable composite plastic material to provide rugged durability and good looks. The Cronus just looks cool and ready for the field of the get go and there is not really anything a player needs to do other than put on a loader and tank to go play. The Cronus comes in two styles, the basic and the tactical version, both guns work the same but the Tactical version comes with a stock, barrel shroud, and carrying handle included. This is a great value added on the Cronus for low cost, but if you already have a Cronus and want those parts later they are available in the Tippmann Cronus Mod Kit. The extras included with the Tippmann Cronus Tactical make the gun look awesome and ready for battle.


Cronus Upgradability

Picatinny rails on the gun are standard sized picatinny railing offering you a wide array of options for addons and other gear to attach to it. Anything that will fit picatinny railing can be attached from sights to grips and everything in between. The new hose-less design is a leap forward no longer having that hose be in the way of grabbing the gun or switching hands. The foregrip is slim and comfortable being easily installed with just a single screw you are able to place it anywhere along the picatinny railing. If a straight foregrip is not your thing angled foregrips or bipods can be installed easily onto the Cronus. Any sight can be put on the Cronus from scopes to red dots to even different iron sights. With all the options you can make your Tippmann Cronus like no one else's Cronus. The Tippmann Cronus is an amazing starter gun for anyone. People are drawn to its looks because it does not look like a regular paintball gun. It is reliable and rugged so you do not have to worry if your gun is going to work between the times you play whether you go every weekend or only a few times a year. Being able to run on either compressed air or CO2 makes it an ideal gun for going to the paintball field or if you are looking for something to play out in the woods with your friends or on your own property.