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Learn about the Dye Primo Hopper: Innovative Positive Feed Shelf provides a minimal friction, gravity feed solution allowing you to achieve high ra...

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About the Dye Primo Hopper

The Dye Primo Hopper has been around for a few years and we always have trouble keeping them in stock! This loader works extremely well for how simple it really is. It is a hopper with a shelf siting above the hole all the paintballs are fight for but the shelf has a spine on the bottom side that does not allow the paintballs to pile up and cause a jam that you would have to shake your marker to get it feeding again. The Dye Primo is one of the top sellers in the long list of Dye paintball hoppers especially for an assisted gravity hopper, for under $20 you can have a hopper that feeds paintballs with no batteries! You heard that right 8-10 balls per a second with no electronic, no batteries and no worries about your hopper not feeding paintballs in to your marker!

When Should I Buy a Primo?

The Dye Primo will work on any paintball marker but works best on the mechanical style markers. It does need some vibration most of the mechanical markers give when shot and this is what helps the Dye Primo Hopper excel at feeding paintballs with no motor to help. When to start to compare it to some of the other gravity style hoppers on the market to start to realize that the extra 15$ is worth it. The standard 200 round hopper tends to jam up when trying to shoot a higher rate of fire, due to it not having a shelf or spine to help the paintballs flow in to the marker. Not saying that the standard 200 round hopper is a bad hopper they work perfect for the paintballer who is just looking to have fun on that weekend of play. The Dye Primo elevates the level of play and makes it a lot more fun when you are not worried about shaking your marker to get the next paintballs to feed. Where is truly shines in the hot humid days like we often get here in Houston. Paintballs tend to stick together due to the way they are made and the ingredients used to make them. The Dye Primo helps out with that by not letting paintballs sit to long fighting for one hole to fall in to.

Primo Hopper Our Test

We did a test, a goofy one at that, where we put a Dye Primo Hopper on a GOG Envy and shot it as fast as we could... fanning the trigger with one finger like nuts but the Dye Primo did not skip a single shot!!! We went back and found out we were shooing close to 10 Balls Per Second with a gravity assisted hopper. If you are looking for a new hopper but do not want to step up to the electronic hoppers, make the Dye Primo your go too!