Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Paintball Gun

Eclipse Emek Review

The Emek has been designed to give players a better playing experience. So they can enjoy the game rather than worry about their equipment. It’s here to set a new benchmark for what to expect from an entry-level mechanical marker. It’s a new beginning.

If you are looking for an even better performing mechanical gun more on the high end level be sure to check out the Gtek 170R. Both the Emek and Gtek are produced by Planet Eclipse and are considered the best guns in their categories. 

Planet Eclipse hit the mark with this Emek PAL enabled paintball gun. Coming in both 68 caliber and 50 caliber there is a version of this gun for everyone at any age. This lightweight mechanical gun is just awesome, its composite material body really reduces the weight of this gun, even with a tank and full hopper you will notice how light is this gun.  It is incredibly reliable because of the Gamma Core bolt system from Planet Eclipse.  It is hose-less which makes wielding the gun a piece of cake because there is nothing to get tangled up in.  It comes threaded for Auto Cocker barrels which means any barrels you have from other guns like the CS2, Mini GS, or Azodin Blitz 4 will work on this gun no problem.  It has a bunch of customizable features for it as well ranging from triggers to internals to whole new bodies.  The sky is the limit when customizing this gun to make it your own.

 The Emek Body

The body is made of glass reinforced nylon to lighten up the weight while still being super resilient.  The outer core surrounds a minimal aluminum body that houses the bolt engine, providing the bulk of the body.  The grip frame is made of the same material and is unique in its one-piece grip frame and foregrip construction.  This meaning that the grip frame is connected to the foregrip as one piece reinforcing the strength of the parts as whole, but also reducing the extra parts the would be needed otherwise to make this piece two separate things leading to an increase of weight.  The Emek comes in just an ounce heavier than the M170r from Planet Eclipse but two ounces lighter than the Empire Mini GS.

Emek Single Trigger

The Emek features a smooth and easy to pull swing trigger in that one-piece grip frame.  The SL4 regulator is hidden inside the grip frame moving it out of the way and eliminating the need for unsightly hoses.  The foregrip is comfortable and swells nicely to fill the hand.  Its textured surface gives you a sure grip on it that gives confidence that you will not drop the gun.  The grips come off easily with toolless disassembly, just pull the lock back and then lift the tabs up and off then the wrap around grips come off easily. 

The Emek Bolt System

The Gamma Core that the runs on is a great bolt system that can handle anything thrown at it.  The Gamma Core is the flagship bolt system of Planet Eclipse, coming in guns such as the Gtek 170r, Gtek M170, the Etha 2 and even the Emek MF100.  This bolt system has withstood rigorous testing and has been a proven performer.  The Gamma Core needs little maintenance and will continue to perform like it is new in the worst of conditions like the rain and mud.  Running at just 135psi for an operating pressure the Emek can shoot some of the most brittle and highest-grade tournament paint out there.  All around the Emek with Gamma Core is a solid choice and an outstanding performer.

Planet Eclipse Hopper System

PALS system enable markers like the Emek are great because you do not have to buy an electronic Hopper like the HK Army Speed or the Empire Halo TOO Loader.  The PALS system is one of the first Planet Eclipse paintball hopper designs ever made and is a pnuematically driven hopper system that agitates the balls helping them to fall freely into the Emek paintball gun faster than just a gravity fed hopper.  This is accomplished by use of a piston that the bolt actuates up and down every time the gun is fired, this in turns activates the plunger in the hopper that works the Agitation plate in that jostles the balls around keeping them moving and not getting stuck against each other.   This hopper set up is a great way to solve the feeding problem with out breaking the bank.  The PALs hoppers come in Lo-Capacity and Hi- Capacity options so you will find the hopper that works best for you. Both versions of the loader will work with either 50 Cal or 68 Cal paintballs so you have options regardless of the kind of paintball you choose to play.