Paintball Hoppers Under $50

Learn About The Hoppers Under $50

Paintball hoppers under fifty dollars are the most popular price range for new paintball players getting started. Most paintball loaders under fifty dollars are called gravity fed hoppers or mechanical hoppers. This means they do not take batteries and use gravity to feed the paintballs into your gun. Starting around the forty dollar range you start to get into the the entry level electronic paintball hoppers. This means they take batteries and use a motor to spin and push the paintballs faster into your paintball gun so you can fire faster. No matter the paintball loader you are looking for we have a large selection. We carry all level paintball hoppers in stock at all times. Be sure to stop by or give Pro Edge Paintball a call before you make your purchase. Our staff is friendly and ready to help find the best paintball hopper for your budget and style of play. 

There are many hoppers for under $50 and most will do everything you need, maybe a little more! All the hoppers we carry under $50 are the; Gen-X-Global 200 Round Hopper & 50 Round Hopper, Tippmann Multi-Cal Hopper & Cyclone Hopper, Planet Eclipse Pal Hoppers in Black, Red or Blue and the Dye Primo Hopper!

Gen-X-Global Hoppers

The Gen-X-Global 200 Round Hopper is your generic hopper. This is the same hopper you see at most paintball fields on the rental markers. They are perfect for your entry level mechanical markers that are not shooting high rates of fire. The Gen-X-Global 50 Round Hopper is great for pump action paintball markers. With the limited amount of paintballs it will hold it can be a good training hopper if you want to limit how much you are shooting per game!


Tippmann Hoppers

Tippmann came out with a hopper for 2 different calibers .68 & .50 Cal. The Tippmann Multi-Cal hopper is great for the player who has both caliber markers or is looking for a hopper to hold a lot of .50 Cal paintballs, 340 .50 Cal paintballs!!! The low profile of the Tippmann Multi-Cal hopper is awesome to see out of a hopper that is under $50! Tippmann is always thinking about the customer when making products. Just like when they made the Tippmann Cyclone Hoppers that fit the Tippmann A5 & X7 or any marker that accepts the Tippmann Cyclone Hopper. This hopper is extremely low profile while still holding 200 paintballs! Unfortunately you can not put this hopper on any other marker due to the size of the connection on the bottom of the hopper. Make sure your marker has the proper connection before buying the Tippmann Cyclone Hopper.


Planet Eclipse PAL Hoppers

The Planet Eclipse PAL Hopper is the right step towards a basic loader doing it all! They come in two different capacities: the High-Cap and Low-Cap. The High-Cap holds up to 225 Paintballs as the Low-Cap holds about 100 paintballs. It comes in a few different colors if you want to match the rest of your gear, colors Planet Eclipse offers are; Black, Red and Blue. The PAL in PAL Hopper stands for Pneumatic Assisted Loader, what this means is that with the Planet Eclipse EMEK, ETHA 2 or MF100 the hopper will act like a force fed hopper. This is to assist the paintballs falling into the marker faster than the standard 200 Round Hoppers. Take a look at the other Planet Eclipse hoppers here if you want something better than their entry level hopper system. What makes it feed faster is in the feed neck of the markers listed above is a rod that when the paintball marker is shot it will push that rod up and activate a plate that moves and helps move the paintballs towards the hole of the hopper. It sounds like a gimmick until you shoot one and it doesn't skip a beat! If you own a Planet Eclipse mechanical marker I highly recommend getting a PAL Hopper and save yourself some money!


Dye Primo Hopper

The Dye Primo Hopper has been around for a few years and we all ways have trouble keeping them in stock! This loader works extremely well for how simple it really is. It is a hopper with a shelf sitting above the hole all the paintballs are fighting for but the shelf has a spine on the bottom side that does not allow the paintballs to pile up and cause a jam that you would have to shake your marker to get it feeding again. We did a test, a goofy one at that, where we put a Dye Primo Hopper on a GOG Envy and shot it as fast as we could... fanning the trigger with one finger like nuts but the Dye Primo did not skip a single shot!!! We went back and found out we were shooting close to 10 Balls Per Second with a gravity assisted hopper. If you want an upgraded electronic hopper take a look at the Dye hoppers that cost more than $50. If you are looking for a new hopper but do not want to step up to the electronic hoppers, make the Dye Primo your go too!