Paintball Hoppers under $20 


Gen X 40 Round Hopper 

Gen X has released a 40-round hopper for your low capacity needs.  This hopper is small, light and tight.  The small size of this hopper and its great shape keep the hopper from obstructing your view at all when mounted on your gun.  This loader is roughly the size of a 50 round pod and is just as light. This hopper is ideal for pump guns.  It looks great on top of the Azodin KP3 pump gun or the Empire Sniper.  If you are a player looking to limit themselves on paint use during play this hopper is meant for you!    


Tippmann Multi Cal Hopper 

These little loaders are neat!  Tippmann really hit a home run with this hopper.  The Multi Cal Hopper will hold up to 100 rounds of .68 Cal Paintball and up to 340 rounds of .50 Cal Paintballs.  There is a small insert inside the hopper that can be removed by taking the hopper apart, which is extremely simply to do on this loader that uses just five screws to hold it together and no messy or hard to install springs and pins for the lid.  This hopper is perfect for beginning .50 Cal players due to its light weight and small profile.  It does not get in the way on your paintball gun giving you clear vision down the field and its size and shape make it super easy to fill.  Holding 100 rounds of .68 cal paintballs is a great number for the pump players out there giving them a large enough loader that will not be over filled with just one pod. 

200 Round Empire Hopper 

    The Empire 200 round Hopper is a great starting hopper for any paintball player.  This loader is going to hold up to 200 paintballs and keep your gun fed with paintballs so that you have a lot of paint to send down range at your opponents.  This hopper comes in two colors Black and Clear it gives you choice in how you want your gun to look.  While it is gravity fed, meaning that the balls use gravity to fall down the hopper and into the gun, this loader will work on any gun you use it on. 


Pal Loader from Planet Eclipse 

The Pal Loader is an amazing hopper from Planet Eclipse.  This loader is designed to work with the Eclipse Emek mechanical paintball gun and a few other models without requiring batteries. Using the PAL technology this hopper pairs with PAL enabled paintball guns to use the gun itself to agitate the paintballs in the hopper to help them fall faster into the gun.  This system can give you a steady stream of paintballs all without needing batteries and will feed up to 10+ balls per second; allowing your paintball gun to fire much faster than a strictly gravity fed hopper.  The Pal Loader comes in Lo-Capacity and Hi-Capacity models to fit your needs, holding up to 100 paintballs for the Lo-Capacity and up to 220 for the Hi-Capacity. 

Dye Primo Loader 

    This loader from Dye uses Positive Feed Shelf Technology to help the paintballs not bind against each other in the hopper so that they may freely fall into the gun with a little help from the kick of your paintball gun as it shoots.  This hopper while not using any moving parts is capable of feeding up 10 balls per second.  Another improvement over a standard hopper is its simple design and ease of disassembly.  This hopper is designed to give you the best experience with one of the lowest costs for hoppers in paintball. If you want an electronic hopper, check out our other Dye paintball hoppers.  Its fast feed rate and how quick and easy it is to clean make this one of the premiere hopper systems for under $20. 


What kind of guns are these good for? 

These hoppers will fit and work on any paintball gun out today, ideally though they are best used on paintball guns like the Azodin KAOS 2, Tippmann Cronus, or Spyder Fenix, and other guns like those.  These hoppers are a perfect match to those guns because of their ease of use, low price, rugged durability.   Being some of the best hoppers for beginning players, they are a low cost and reliable entry into the world of paintball.  They will hold enough paintballs to get you through a game of paintball; which is something that we all want right?  While not being the fastest feeding hoppers in the world they are more than capable of feeding enough paint so that you can cover your friends in a fire fight or shoot a gap that someone might run through.  Choosing any of these loaders as your first hopper, there really is not a bad choice in the bunch. 


Paintball Loader Add-ons 

The most important upgrade or add on to these hoppers would be the Exalt Universal Speed Feed.  This part replaces the existing lid on your hopper with an open mouth that holds in paint with rubber teeth.  This is a benefit because it allows for faster reloading.  No one likes being in the middle of a shootout and then having to open the lid of their hopper and then load in paintballs.  The speed feed is always open, so you just grab your pod of paintballs and dump them into your hopper.  Players can become so good at it that they are able to reload without even looking.   

Another paintball hopper upgrade for your hopper is a hopper cover, these neoprene covers protect your hopper and can add a cool look to your hopper to boot.  They come in a variety of styles like tiger stripe camo, solid colors, pirate flags.  Planet Eclipse has the Omni Hopper Cover that comes in HDE Urban Camo for example.  Doll up your old hopper with some new swag by getting a hopper cover.