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Pro Edge Paintball carries all of the most popular paintball guns in the industry. Below you will find a little bit of information for each brand we carry. The Pro Edge staff are all experienced players and are very familiar with the biggest brand in paintball. Check out our Top 10 paintball guns list to see the best paintball guns currently available! If you ever have any questions regarding the product support you will receive from each company, please call us or stop by anytime! 

Azodin paintball guns have become some of the best and most reliable entry level paintball markers available. The Azodin brand is a newer brand but with a long history in the industry as most of the founding memebers once worked for the famous Kingman paintball company making Spyder paintball guns. Azodin offers a starter gun for a very good price. These are considered the best reliable starter paintball marker you can get when you are starting out to play paintball. Some of the latest models from Azodin include the Kaos 2, the Blitz 3 and the Azodin KP3 Pump markers. 

Bob Long paintball guns were once the top of the line, mot advanced markers you could get. Bob Long recently retired from paintball and sold his Intimidator and G6R line to the players on pro paintball team Dynasty. They are now called Field One Paintball.

Brass Eagle paintball guns were well known for being the cheapest paintball marker you could buy at Walmarts around the country. These models included the Brass Eagle Talon and Stingray markers. The Brass Eagle paintball guns weren't very reliable or fancy looking but were perfect for players on a budget trying their hand at paintball for the first time. If you are considering buying a used Brass Eagle  marker be sure to do research on it first to ensure you can get parts if needed as they most likely aren't made any longer.

BT Paintball markers were a brand established to compete with the Tippmann line of guns. They made the BT SLice, the BT Combat and other tactical paintball guns. Now that GI Sportz has purchased Kee Action Sports who owned the BT brand, the BT brand has slowly dissapeared and the TIppmann tactical has grown in popularity.

Dangerous Power paintball guns have been around for a very long time. The line up usually falls under the paintball markers under five hundred dollar range and only include electronic paintball guns that will compete with the Empire Mini GS and those alike. The DP guns are available in a ton of colors and are very simple to work on and maintainenance. The DP brand has lost its place in popularity but is still a known name making the Dangerois Power E2 and the DP G4.  

Dye Paintball guns have been some of the leading markers in the world for over 15 years. With the launch of the Dye Matrix platform in 2003 the Dye Precision brand blew up and took over by storm. The Spool valve  bolt  design is now the leading design and used by Planet Eclipse with it's own design of boly system. The Dye brand staples now include the Rize and Rize Maxxed as their very durable and great performing entry level marker, the DYe DSR that is under the thousand dollar level and their Dye M3+ as their most advanced Ferrari of a paintball gun. The new high end Dye guns include a full color screen, a huge choice of colors and designs, push button bolt removal, clamping feedneck and of course completely hoseless. 

Empire paintball guns have really grown and evolved to be some of the best  guns available for a great price. The Empire Mini GS, the Empire Axe and Empire SYX have become staples in the Empire line up. The Mini GS is claimed to be the best electronic paintball gun under three hundred dollars by many. With the Empire brand being owned by GI Sportz, the largest company in the industry, the warranty and support on Empire branded products is by far one of the leading warranties available. Some other models available from Empire are the Empire Sniper Pump, the Resurrection Autococker and the Vanquish GT. 

Field One paintball guns are a new up and coming marker line up currenlty being produced and worked on by some of the pro paintball players from Team Dynasty. The brand of markers is currently based on the Bob Long intimidator lineup but are working on producing their own FIeld one marker line. Only time will tell what this company comes out with for the high end gun market. 

First Strike paintball guns, also known as Tiberius paintball is now famous for their tactical  gun the T15. They are also known for producing the First strike round or the sniper paintball that can be mag fed into only a limited number of guns now days but has really blown up in popularity over the last few years. If you are searching for a new tactical paintball gun, take a look at First Strike paintball and their latest realistic looking paintball markers. 

GOG Paintball guns are known for being the remake from Smart Parts paintball. This line of guns include the ENMY and the EXTCY just to mention the most popular marker names. Some paintball fields will even use these as their rental guns because they are available in the 50 caliber versions. The GOG markers tend to require a little more maintenance than other guns but are light weight
and well performing once you get to know your new paintball gun setup.

HK Army paintball guns are one of the newest players in the game. The HK Army brand has been around for years but only recently have they stepped into the high end paintball marker circle of competitors. They typically don't have their own line of paintball guns but use their brand onto high end markers to help promote the HK name. 

Invert Mini paintball guns was the main marker from the Invert brand. This name has now turned into Empire Paintball and into the Empire Mini GS. Invert included paintball pants, hoppers and goggles at some point. If you see the Invert Mini for sale, it is the Empire Mini but just an older version most likely. 
JT USA or JT Paintball guns are a well known brand name for the entry level and low priced markers. JT guns and gear were sold mainly in the big corporate retails stores such as Walmart and Academy. Some JT guns are still available but if you are out shopping be ware the parts for this line of paintball markers might not be available much these days. 

Kingman paintball guns have been a house hold name for over 10 years. This brand brought you the original Spyder marker that has been around forever! The Kingman paintball marker is usually an entry level, easy to work on, low priced to repair and light weight. These markers include the Spyder Victor, Spyder Xtra and the Spyder Fenix. GI Sportz now owns the Kingman brand so parts are very easy to get your hands on for any of the current makes and models. 

Luxe paintball guns or DLX Luxe markers are one of the highest end, highest performing and most popular guns available in the paintball world . These markers are most popular for their high end tournament level performance and the ability for the gun to talk to you when you turn it on. With the launch of the latest Luxe X brings an increase in efficiency over the Luxe ICE which was one of the biggest draw backs on the older  Luxe2.0 and ICE  model paintball guns. 
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Mag Fed paintball guns are the new crazy! Technology in paintball is growing rapidly and with that comes awesome performing and looking mag fed paintball guns. With the use of First Strike sniper rounds and the increase in demand for mag fed only paintball games, the mag fed pistols and rifles are being made by even some of the bigger paintbal companies. Some mag fed markers only use round paintballs but some will use both the round paintballs and the First Strike rounds. This is a cool feature for thise players who play both styles on a regular basis. 

Paintball pistols have also increased in popularity lately. Some paintball pistols are availble in 50 caliber and in 68 caliber while some even take the First Strrike rounds. Some events hold Pistol only games while some players use them as a side arm or at during night games for close quarter combat. 

Planet Eclipse paintball guns are the reigning champion for years in the industry. With their release of the entry level Emek all the way up to their latest release of the Planet Eclipse CS2, the Eclipse line of markers dominates at each price leve. IF you are looking for a high performing paintball marker under three hundred dollars or the best paintball gun for tournaments, take a peak at the Planet Eclipse gun line up for a solid list of choices. 

Proto paintball guns come from the Dye Precision paintball company and once used to be their entry level marker choice but now has fallen away. Proto markers ranges from $300 to up to $1000 at its highest peak of popularity .

SP Paintball guns come from the original Smart Parts paintball company. This line of markers includes the SP Shocker RSX and the Shocker XLS paintball guns. While SP paintball only makes a few guns, it falls under the umbrella of GOG Paintball and in the same family with the DLX paintball guns. 

Tiberius paintball markers and First Strike markers are one in the same. This brand is known for their tactical mag fed paintball pistol and their new T15 tactical marker line up. These guys are known for their First Strike sniper round and releasing a very reliable tactical mag fed gun that includes a small air tank in the stock. The Tiberius T15 is a heavy duty, realistic feeling mag fed paintbal gun that is one of the best markers available at its price level. 

Tippmann paintball guns are best known for their durability and reliability over 20+ years of proven performance. The tactical side of paintball is ruled by the Tippmann brand. With their new entry level mag fed gun being the Tippmann TMC and having huge success, the Tippmann line up still rules the tactical paintball guns. 

The US Army brand name is very well known for it's reliability as it is part of the Tippmann brand of markers. The US Army brand however usually only is availble in markers that look realistic with tactical upgrades and railing all over. The current popular models include the Alpha Black Elite and the Project Salvo paintball guns. 

Valken paintball guns arent the most popular branded  markers but are very well known when it comes to field rentals and entry level pricing. These markers usually resemble the Empire  brand or the Tippmann guns and often use similar parts. Valken  is known more for being a distributor and not so much a creator of new products but offer product support for thier dealers and customers. 
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