Paintball Elbow Pads

Learn About Paintball Arm and Elbow Pads

Playing paintball at a high and intense level can take it out on your body. Be certain to protect your joints and body parts with paintball padding and protection. Paintball elbow and arm pads can help prevent bodily injuries when running hard and diving on the field. No matter if you are competing at an elevated level of paintball or enjoying a recreational weekend with your friends, paintball elbow pads give you the ability to crawl around and get rowdy without as much concern for injury. If you are located near Houston stop on by and try on our selection of padding or give us a call anytime ! Combine your arm pads with a paid of slider shorts and knee pads for the best combination of protection.

Elbow pads are one of the most popular forms of paintball protection. Our favorite arm pads currently available are the Exalt Free Flex pads and second would be the Dye Arm pads. Both designs are very similar and worth every penny! Shopping for arm pads can be challenging without actually being able to try them on so below we will breakdown the deciding factors before you make a purchase!

Arm Pad Sizing

Arm Pad sizing can be difficult when you aren't able to try on each pair side by side. From our experience, an adult that weights about 200 pounds and stands 6 foot tall should wear a size Large or X Large arm pad in most brands. If you have bigger than average arms then we would recommend to go with the X Large pads. If you feel you have smaller arms then we would recommend the size Large. Your height has something to do with what size you want to go with as the length of your arm and the length of the arm pads should match up. If you are a much smaller player then we recommend looking into Dye arm pads as their smaller sizes run much smaller than the other brands.


At first glance most players think arm pads are for protection from getting shot but that isn't always the case. When playing often you are required to crawl around on your arms and elbows, this is one of the best uses for paintball arm pads as it keeps your elbows from getting raw or scratched up! If you play competitively consider getting arm pads for the bounces you will receive in the middle of the game if your arm pad is shot. A paintball elbow pad is much softer than the bone in your arm or your elbow.

Arm Protection

In addition to protecting from the ground or getting shot on your forearm or elbows, most arm pads work great for overall protection of your arm and bicep. Most elbow pads slide all of the way up past your elbow and up your bicep. This protection is great as the bicep and under arm can be a very sensitive area to get shot.

Hand Protection

Most modern paintball arm pads include some hand padding in place of wearing paintball gloves This is awesome because it is like purchasing two protective items for the price of one. The padding on the back of the hand is nice for when you are getting shot in the hands and the palm material helps keep your hands from getting scratched up if you sliding or crawling around on dirt or turf.

If you are shopping around and looking to buy yourself some new paintball arm pads or elbow pads be sure to stop by our store anytime to try them on before you buy them. Our staff are willing to help any way we can and have all tried on and tested out the brands we carry.