Mag Fed Paintball Guns

Mag Fed Paintball Guns

Mag fed one of the newest styles of paintball to come alive over the last 5 years or so. With the creation of realistic looking paintball guns and functioning mag fed options, the style of mag fed play is growing. 

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What is Mag Fed Paintball?

Mag Fed Paintball is a new style of playing paintball. It might seem like just regular old paintball, but it has a different twist. Gone are the giant hoppers on top of the gun, gone are the tanks screwed into the grip, for the most part anyway. Mag Fed Paintball is defined by the paintball gun but is much more than what it seems. The reason marker is different is because it is able to use magazines that hold paints and use a spring to push them into the paintball gun after the previous one is shot. The magazines come in a variety of size from seven-round magazine to thirty-round magazines, all the way up to even 100 round drums and 350 round box magazines. That is where the style gets its name from; the way paintballs are loaded into your paintball marker. However, it is also so much more than that. Mag Fed Paintball has a massive community around it where thousands of people will get together for the weekend and play paintball.

One of the neatest features of Mag Fed Paintball is that everyone builds their marker up a little differently; from different kinds of sights to forgrips and stocks and any other part for a gun that you can think to put on there. Another unique feature of Mag Fed Paintball is that it is quite common to see every player in some sort of tactical gear like a molle vest or plate carriers. Mag Fed Paintball lets the players do something normally not done in regular paintball or speedball and that is they get to play war. Teams will have communications, night vision, tanks, all sorts of stuff and playing in one of the Mag Fed Paintball big games can be a ton of fun. You do not have to dress up and only play at Mag Fed Events to have fun with a Mag Fed Paintball gun though. These guns work great and will get you out there playing which is the most important part of paintball right? If you have ever wanted to be a paintball sniper Mag Fed Paintball guns are definitely a great way to look the part and to more importantly have the equipment to do just that. Many Mag Fed Paintball Markers are capable of shooting a new type of paintball called the First Strike Round. This little guy is similar to a regular paintball but with the big difference of it has a rigid, ribbed skirt. This skirt helps the paintball spiral in the air and get much more distance and fly much more accurately. A First Strike Round will fly up to 400 feet compared to a regular paintball flight of 200 feet when shot at 300 feet per second. That double distance combined with the more military look of Mag Fed guns and you can really build your own paintball sniper rifle. Below is a list of popular Mag Fed markers and a brief description. Check them out.


Tippmann Stormer Elite

Video - Watch our Tippmann Stormer Elite Shooting Video

The Stormer Elite is Tippmann’s newest entry point into Mag Fed Paintball. This marker is the ultimate version of the Tippmann Stormer Basic. It comes ready to go for mag fed play or it easily converts to hopper fed if you want to play that way too. The gun looks good, is lightweight, and is ready to go right out of the box. The Tippmann Stormer Elite has a resilient, grip mounted ASA with good strong threads for your air source whether you use something like a Ninja 48/3000k bottle right off the frame or you plan to use a remote line and carry an Empire 48/4500 psi bottle on your back. The air for this gun is ran inside that means no hoses on the outside to get in your way. The stock that is included on the Stormer Elite is adjustable, sturdy, and fits well with the look of the gun. The Stormer Elite is easily cocked and made ready to shoot with a simple charging handle on the side of the gun that lets

you know is it cocked and ready to go. The safety is easy to read and easier to use working like a safety on most guns. The Mag-well for the Elite uses the same magazines as the Tippmann TMC and it comes standard with two twenty-round magazines. The trigger is light but has just the right amount of resistance to let you know you are pulling it. The barrel shroud looks good on the gun and gives it an aggressive look, featuring picatinny rails on top and bottom to support accessories like the from factory vertical foregrip or any sights like a NC Star Reflex Sight that will fit standard picatinny railing. Overall this marker is a great entry point into Mag Fed Paintball or just paintball in general.


Tippmann TMC Mag Fed

The TMC from Tippmann just looks awesome, it has the classic AR rifle look with working picatinny railing if you did not know better you could swear it was the real thing. This mag fed marker from Tippmann checks all the boxes in the looks department. Add to that the reliability of a Tippmann Paintball Marker and you have a recipe for winning. The stock is fully adjustable and the standard stock can be swapped out for a Gas-Thru Stock so you can hide your tank in the stock and not have it on the grip frame to make your TMC even more realistic. The standard TMC comes with tank on the grip frame metal ASA that works well and accepts all tanks meant for paintball use. The grip frame is a comfortable 45 pistol grip frame with nice textured grip. The safety is easily reached and worked using the select fire style giving you safe and fire with a flick of the thumb. The charging handle works the bolt in this mag fed paintball gun; cocking the gun, getting it ready to fire. The top of the gun features standard picatinny railing that most real firearm sights will fit easily. The hand guard is plastic but sturdy and is home to four picatinny rails giving you options for all kinds of accessories like flashlights or foregrips. The hand guard can be upgraded to an all metal construction with a top picatinny railing and featuring M-Lok hook up on the rest of the guard. The barrel is well made and looks great paired with the marker especially with its nice muzzle break at the end. The TMC uses Tippmann 98 Custom barrel threads which makes installing and removing a snap. The TMC is a great choice if you are looking for a great mag fed paintball gun that will not break the bank but looks just like a real gun.


Tippmann TiPX Pistol

This pistol is just awesome, it looks like a gun Arnold Schwarzenegger would use. Its big and menacing like a Desert Eagle. The TPX is an awesome light weight mag fed pistol that can be customized several ways. Stock the TiPX uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges to power the gun, they are loaded in the front of the gun under the barrel. This cartridge will get you about fourteen or sixteen shots roughly two of the stock seven-round magazines. One of the upgrades for this gun is to plumb it for a Remote line giving you access to a much larger air source granting you the ability to shoot way more shots before you run out of air. The magazines for this gun come in a couple of sizes, standard included with the gun will be two seven-round magazines. There are Extended Mags from Tippmann that will hold up to twelve paintballs or you can go with Zete Mags that will hold up to twenty. Stock the TiPX cannot shoot First Strike Paintballs but with the Long-Range Kit your TiPX can now shoot those First Strikes. Underneath the barrel and air chamber is a picatinny rail that a sight could be mounted like a Laser Dot Sight. This lightweight mag fed pistol makes the perfect side arm or if you are John Wick the perfect main gun.


Planet Eclipse MF100 and MG 100 Paintball Gun

Video - Watch our MF100 Efficiency Shooting Video

The MF100 from Planet Eclipse is awesome, its is super lightweight, and has next to nothing for recoil when fired. This gun uses the Gamma Core from the other Planet Eclipse guns like the Etha 2 or Gtek 170R. This engine for the gun is beyond reliable, quiet, and efficient able to get over 1200 shots from a 4500 fill on a 68ci tank. The ASA is mounted on the frame but with the Power Stock from Planet Eclipse you are able to hide the tank in one of the coolest looking stocks out there for any paintball gun. The frame has comfortable grips that are toolless to remove. The trigger is nice and crisp but is you want crazy speed out of your MF100 then the hAir Trigger from Deadly Winds is a great upgrade. The magazines that the MF100 use are the Dye DAM Mags and they come in ten or twenty round versions both of which accept First Strike Rounds. One of the notable things that Planet Eclipse did when developing the MF100 is also make Followers for the magazine design for the gun. These followers stick into the breech when the magazine is empty and prevent the bolt from firing all the way, muffling the sound of the empty shot so you do not give away to your opponents that you need to reload. The MF100 features a top rail picatinny with a hand guard that is home to four picatinny rails. The hand guard pops off to give the gun a sleek look with out tools and can be reinstalled just as easy. The gun is Auto Cocker threaded which is the standard barrel thread for paintball meaning that there is a slew of barrel options available for you MF100. This gun is crazy good and is a definite performing in the Mag Fed Paintball world.


First Strike T15 Mag Fed Paintball Gun

From the makers of the First Strike Round comes the T15. This gun is all about realism from its weight to its looks, this gun screams real. The weight is not heavy but pleasant in the hands reminding you of your AR back at home. The load outs of these guns vary, you can have a standard AR style with the T15 or you can go a PDW style or even CQB, the builds on these gun is ridiculous with options, so many options in fact that no two guns will be exactly alike. These guns are plumbed for gas-thru stock, meaning tank straight out the back of the gun hidden in a shroud that makes the whole assembly look like the stock of a rifle, or for remote line with hidden male connection. These guns have that 45 grip, select fire switch, which can be upgraded to an adjustable full auto, charging handle, and bullet button that make it look just like the real thing. The barrel for the gun uses a twist lock system so that the breech of the gun is inside the barrel, this makes removal and cleaning a breeze since there are no threads for the barrel. The load out on these guns depends on which model you chose but on the standard T15 it comes with a hand guard with four picatinny rails for attachments and is made of metal. If you really want to look and feel the part like you are going to battle, then the T15 is for you.


Dye Assault Matrix (DAM)

The DAM from Dye is the top of the line for Mag Fed Paintball guns. It has a super smooth, efficient engine that can be upgraded to the Billy Wing kit for even better performance. The gun is light weight blending metal and composite in a rugged and sophisticated way making it a real head turner at your field or mag fed event. The gun is electronic giving the player three firing modes, semi-auto, three

shot burst, and full-auto. The tank is right off the frame for these guns, but the stock is fully removable giving you the option to use the tank as the stock for the gun. It uses the DAM mags which come in ten and twenty round versions and an array of colors. In addition to regular magazines the DAM also can use the Box Rotor which is like a drum magazine holding over 300 paintballs and can feed them as fast as the gun can shoot. The Roto-Breech system makes swapping from mag fed to hopper fed practically instantaneous by just moving a slider on the side of the gun. The gun comes with a Dye Ultralight barrel in standard Auto Cocker threading which gives you a larger number of barrels to chose from if you chose to upgrade. The picatinny railing is standard size and able to accept most standard firearm attachments. This is one of the most technologically advanced mag fed paintball guns on the market right now.