Exalt Barrel Cover

Exalt barrel covers are some of the leading barrel sock available. Shop here now to see the tons of designs and colors Exalt paintball has to offer. With over 50 designs you are sure to find a color or design you enjoy

One of our favorite features of the Exalt barrel sock is that the elastic you use to fasten the barrel cover to the paintball gun is replaceable. This means that even if the elastic wear out, instead of spending another $12 on a whole new barrel sock you can use any elastic string to customize your barrel cover and make it like new again.

Rubber barrel socks are the way to go if you are shopping for a new barrel cover. The rubber barrel covers are more durable and last years longer than the standard cloth style barrel cover. Be sure to look around at the funny and colorful designs of the Exalt barrel socks we have available. 

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