Empire E Flex Paintball Mask

About the Empire E Flex

The Empire Eflex mask is a mixture between the JT Proflex and the Empire Vents mask. These are two of the most sold and most popular paintball masks ever made. Some of the features available in the Eflex include incredibly soft foam, a breathable face design, soft ear pieces for comfort and a quick change lens system.

The Empire E Flex paintball mask is one of the best paintball masks ever released in our opinion.
Learn why by reading below!

Quick Change Lens System

First off the Eflex mask offers a quick change lens system that makes it quick and easy to change out your lenses. If you get shot in the face and need to really clean your lens between games, this design allows to quickly clean it or even switch out lenses between going back out to the field for another game,

Vents Lens Options

The Empire Eflex used the Vents thermal lenses which have been around for years. With the popularity of the Empire Helix, E Flex and Vents masks systems Empire has give us a huge selection of lens colors and options. If you are looking to look good and match your lens to your gear colors, the Eflex lens options gives you that choice.

Flexible Face Shield

One feature the Eflex is most known for is its flexible rubber face shield. This carries a little history as it is carried over from the Jt Proflex mask, probably the most popular mask of all time. The Flexible face allows you to life it a little when trying to drink water and also allows paintballs to bounce off if you get shot in the mask sometimes.
The design of the face of the mask is great to fully cover any adults face, chin and ears. if a younger player is considering wearing this mask we would highly recommend to wear a baseball hat backwards to help the strap stay put onto the back of the younger players head.

Softest Foam

The Eflex has been claimed to be one of the most comfortable masks available. The Face Foam that the Eflex has is from the JT Proflex as well and is almost an inch thick and is the softest foam ever made for a paintball mask in our opinion.
The one draw back to the Eflex design is that the foam is not removeable like some of the newer masks. This isn't too limiting but isn't up to date with the latest masks for a little a little higher price.  

If you are local to our store, be sure to stop by and try on the different masks to compare them side by side. The Eflex mask will definitely be one of your favorite choices when it comes to the comfort and breathability compared to the other options currently available.