Learn About Custom paintball guns

We are really stepping up our game this year and adding a whole new category to our store! We are working closely with Arc Anodizing and a couple other companies to offer Extremely Limited and one of a kind custom paintball guns. Below you will see all of the custom paintball markers we have offered over the years or currently offer and are selling in store. If you see something we are sold out of, reach out to us as we may be able to get you something very similar to what we have done before. We won't duplicate any custom work exactly as we want to keep each gun unique. Check back often for updated custom paintball guns listed online here or stop by the store any time to see them in person.

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Nothing is more fun and exciting than imagining a custom paintball gun and seeing it together. This could be with tactical upgrades, new barrels, scopes, or some crazy engraving design you came up with. Below we break down some of the most popular ways of customizing your paintball guns. If you have any questions or looking for companies to work with to build a custom paintball gun reach out to us anytime!

Paintball Gun Anodizing

we are asked if its possible to make a custom paintball gun, the most common answer is to have your gun anodized. Anodizing is the changing of the color of the aluminum parts of a paintball gun. The possibilities of anodizing is almost unlimited as the designs and colors that can be done are incredible. Look through our list of custom paintball guns on this page and you will notice the crazy designs. Our favorite paintball gun anodizing company is Arc Anodizing out of Forth Worth, Texas.

Hand Engraved Paintball Gun

One of the newest ways to customize your paintball gun is to have it hand engraved. This is an incredible skill that is usually only seen on real guns, knives and even cars. With this option you can go as crazy as you would like or only a little engraving on some of the parts of your gun. Having your paintball gun custom hand engraved can cost anywhere from $300 to up to $1500.
Look up our go to hand engraving company on Instagram at @dagodane

Laser Engraving

One option that has been around a very long time to have your gun customized is the option to have it laser engraved. Laser engraving allows you to have a very detailed design engraved through the color of your gun and into the metal. The laser engraving cuts through the anodizing color of your paintball gun and its parts and leaves a while and silver line where it cuts.