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Pro Edge Paintball carries a huge selection of paintball loaders and hoppers in stock at all times.
If you are wanting the best paintball hopper, we have loaders at all price levels to fit your budget and playing style.

Hoppers Under 50

For most new players, a hopper under fifty dollars is going to perform well with your entry level paintball gun and sometimes even your beginner electronic paintball marker. The main deciding factors to consider for your starter hopper are if you need a fast feeding hopper system or one that feeds slowly because you don't shoot a lot of paintballs per game.
The gravity feed hopper is going to be a perfect fit for the Spyder, Tippmann and Azodin entry level paintball guns as they have a slow rate of fire and will let gravity slowly feed the paintballs into your marker. If you are looking for a small upgraded hopper then the Dye Primo hopper would be what we would recommend the most.
This loader system has a shelf inside of it to allow small movements to jostle the paintballs around to help them feed but without the
need of batteries.

Hoppers Under 100
Luckily now days nearly all electronic hoppers under one hundred dollars will keep up with even the highest end paintball guns. The best hoppers
under one hundred dollars include the Virtue Spire IR, the Dye Rotor and the GI Sportz LVL loader. All of these hoppers will keep up with the shooting rate
of fire and are extremely easy to take apart and clean. These feeders come in multiple colors with a ton of nice features to make it worth every time while keeping you
buying a cheap paintball hopper.

Dye Hoppers
Dye Paintball hoppers have been well established and have performed well for over ten years. These electronic feeders have a high feed rate and are easily taken apart
if you are at a paintball tournament and need to clean your hopper quickly. The Dye Rotor and Dye R2 Rotor are sleek, fast feeding and are some of the most
durable hoppers in the paint ball industry.

Empire Hoppers
Empire Hoppers are some of the most widely purchased loaders around. These hoppers range anywhere from five dollars all the way up to one hundred and fifty dollars.
Empire offers the gravity feed hopper all the way up to the halo electronic hopper that feeds fiften balls per second. The Empire Prophecy was the highest
performing loader for a long while and was completely tool less. It was a light weight hopper that was small and held 200 paintballs with the option of a high capacity shell to allow it to hold closer to 250 paintballs.

Gen X Hoppers
GenX hoppers are specifically known to be an entry level paintball loader. The Gen X loaders are available all over the internet in the most popular paintball packages and is considered a beginner paintbal hopper. These loaders cost around five dollars and are usually available in black and clear in the gravity feed models.

GI Sportz Paintball Loaders
GI Sportz paintbal hoppers have been a talk for the last few years. The best paintball hopper from GI Sportz is LVL loader. There is a new version of this
hopper out now and is the LV1.5 and features a strong speed feed and better parts overall.

HK Army Paintball Loaders
HK paintball hoppers are a new paintball hopper system to the market. The HK Army TFX features only two batteries and a spring loaded floor system that pushes the
paintballs up when you run low. The top of the hopper comes off so it is easy to clean quickly. Including the TFX, most electronic hoppers have a very fast feed rate
and can keep up with electronic markers.

JT Paintball Hoppers
JT paintball hoppers have been around for over 20 years. The JT revolution loader has been the staple for electronic feeders with all levels of players
since the beginning of paintball! With JT Revvy as it is called by the "old school" paintball players usually took a 9 volt or two 9 bolt batteries.
This hopper system uses a paddle and an eye sensor to sense when paintballs weren't falling into the breach and would spin to make the paintballs
fall into the gun.
This hopper is best for entry level to mid level electronic paintball guns as it has a rate of fire of about five to ten balls per second at it's peek
feed rate. This is one of the best paintball hoppers under fifty dollars.

Pinokio Paintball Loaders
Pinokio paintball loaders are some of the goofiest looking hoppers but have created a name for themselves recently. This hopper holds over 400 paintballs
once you attach it's nose piece to the front of it. The nose piece is where the Pinokio name comes from and looks funny but works great for
those players who want to shoot a lot of paint balls!

Planet Eclipse Hoppers
Eclipse paintball hoppers are a new thing to the paintball world. The PALS loading system is a new design from Eclipse that is meant to be used specifically
with their gun and works similar to the Dye Proto Primo hopper. When attached to the corresponding Planet Eclipse marker, the firing system of the paintball
gun actually hits the loader trigger and forces it to agitate the hoppers paddles inside and jiggle paintballs into the feed tube.
This is a great alternative to paintball field rental guns!

Proto Paintball Hoppers
Proto hoppers are a division of Dye paintball. The Proto Primo hopper is a gravity feed hopper that could be labeled the best paintball hopper under twenty dollars.
This hopper features a shelf inside that keeps the weight of the paintballs from sitting on top of each other. This feature allows entry level and the basic
electronic paintball gun to shoot at a faster speed than a normal gravity hopper would feed while not requiring batteries to operate. If you have an Azodin, Tippmann
or Spyder mechanical paintball gun, the Primo hopper would be a very good choice for your starter paintball hopper.

Tippmann Hoppers
Tippmann paintball hoppers are just like their markers, the Tippmann Cyclone feed system is the most durable, heavy duty paintball hopper and it runs off the
air that is going through your paintball gun. This is the perfect hopper upgrade if you use the Tippmann 98, Tippmann Salvo or the US Army Alpha black markers.
Valken paintball hoppers aren't as popular as some of the other loader systems out there but have been tried and tested by some of the best paintball players in the
world with good success.

Virtue Spire Loaders
Virtue paintball hoppers are better known as the Virtue Spire IR and the Virtue Spire are the most popular and most proven hopper system in the industry.
The latest Spire 3 offers the player an app on your phone where you can adjust the settings on your hopper! The Spire 3 offers a range of great looking colors
and has proven to almost never jam at even the highest levels of play.
The best paintball hopper under one hundred dollars has been said to be the Virtue Spire IR.
The Virtue entry level paintball loader offers the same feed design as the Spire three but without the bells and whistles. This loader is light weight, tool less,
and all runs on three double a batteries.
The Spire includes a spring ramp to keep the paintballs in the front of your hopper to roll back towards the drive cone when you are running low . No matter if you are looking for a paintball hopper for the mid range or a high end performance loader, Virtue paintball has what you need.

Check out the loader upgrades we carry for the Dye, Virtue, HK Army and most other loaders currently available. 

Check out the new Virtue Spire IV hopper if you are considering upgrading or you just want the top of the line paintball loader
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